Creative Event Photography Ideas

It's no secret that on-demand event photo services like photo booths are in huge demand these days. In fact, the more you look around, the more it seems like everyone has a photo booth style service at their events. But are there any more creative options out there?

Certainly there are! There are so many more creative event photography ideas that you can introduce into your upcoming event that will make your photo shoot unique to your event, more fun for your guests, and a true part of your event's entertainment. Here's a short list of some various ideas you can use to go beyond the same-old-same-old photo booth rental.

  • Opt for an open air photo booth. Open air, or open style photo booths allow all of your guests to see the photo shoot as it's happening. It's fun for the guests waiting to have their photos taken and spurs all kinds of interaction and laughter and can go a long way toward giving your photo booth photos a natural, candid feel.

  • Add a video slideshow to your event photography package to show off your photos as they're being taken. Event guests young and old will love seeing themselves and the other guests' photos displayed on video screens and adds another level of multimedia entertainment to your event that's fun for everyone!

  • Integrate your event's photo shoot with your event's theme! Having a holiday party? Get a prop package that ties in with the holiday. Does your event have a specific color scheme? If so, it can look really tasteful if all the props your guests are using match your color scheme.

  • Create a custom photo shoot set! Planning an "Under the Sea" Sweet 16? Instead of staging your shoot against a plain white backdrop, why not create something really special using netting, sea-like set props (like a giant anchor, barrel, or sunken treasure chest). Maybe even add bubbles?

Creative event photography ideas like these are just a few of the ways that 20fifteen Multimedia can take your photo booth service to the next level and make the photos your guests take home truly unique and memorable. Give us a call today to discuss your upcoming event and we'll be happy to customize an open photo booth experience like you've never seen!

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