Less, "photo booth", more "photo shoot"!

Since beginning our Live-Share Event photography, the goal has always been to combine the instant gratification of a photo booth service with high-quality, creative, event photography. The shoot we did last night, at a Sweet 16, exemplified this concept perfectly! Using a much more edgy & "fashion" style lighting setup we were able to create a series of really unique images of the event guests many of which, look like anything but a "photo booth".

Leading up to this shot, one of our feathered prop fans broke and I thought it might make for a really cool picture so I pulled the feathers off of our broken fan, gave each of the girls a handful of feathers, coached them as to how close I wanted them to be in relation to themselves and the lights, said, "go" and snapped away as they laughed and threw feathers around.

A simple concept, but it made for a really fun and candid image that was well lit and well composed. A few minutes after this picture was taken, the girls were printing 4x6" copies, emailing it to friends, and sharing it on their facebook accounts.

Check out more pictures from this series here!

To learn more about our unique event photography service, check out our page on our Live-Share Event Photography Service

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