What? Come shoot your Retro Prom themed house party? Sounds good to us!!

Here's an example of the kind of fun, creative, event we just love to shoot: a "Retro Prom" themed house party thrown for no other reason than to bring a bunch of neighbors together for a night of wine, food, song and dance! Our clients hired us to provide some fun, lasting, images of their Retro-Prom themed party and it was so much fun!

The party was held in a private residence which, of course, had its unique challenges in terms of finding room to shoot, set up lights, house a printing/sharing kiosk, etc but it was nothing we couldn't make happen and, once we did, the rest of the night was filled with taking pictures of fun people in fun costumes doing fun things - what could be better? In fact, one of the earliest pictures was of the host opening a bottle of champagne with a sword. Need we say more?

Check out a some of the pictures from this awesome event here.

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