Looking Good and Feeling Even Better!

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On July 19th & 20th we had the pleasure of working for NBC 4 NY at the NBC 4 & New York Giants Health and Fitness Expo at MetLife Stadium! It was an awesome event with loads of activities on the field, meet-n-greets with the NBC 4 NY talent and some of the New York Giants players and, of course, our green screen photo shoot!

I would have loved to have gotten the chance to walk around and check out some of the exhibits and activities but with a line 50 deep of people wanting to get their photos taken, there was no time for anything besides photography (which is fine by me!) At an event like this, our role (even moreso than that of photographers) is to create an experience that is fun for people to be a part of! By bringing a high level of enthusiasm and humor to the shoot, we become as much entertainers as we are photographers. So, we were telling people to show us their best football poses (for the 50 yard line and stadium backgrounds), reciting catch lines from Saturday Night Live (for the SNL background), telling them to prepare for their America's Got Talent headshot (for the America's Got Talent background) and even telling people to "wave to all the folks back on Earth" (for the moon landing background).

We had such a great time entertaining the people and creating fun souvenir pictures for them and though it was a marathon of photography with hardly a second for us to catch our breath, we put smiles on lots of people's faces!

Check out the full gallery from the NBC 4 & New York Giants Health & Fitness Expo!

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