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Fun, high-quality, open photo booth with professional photographer for your sweet sixteen!

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Open Photo Booth Intro

• 20fifteen Multimedia owner/photographer Randy Esulto introduces our awesome open photo booth service

• How does our photo booth work?

• What separates our photo booth from the competition?

• Find out in this short, one-minute video!

Flexible packages available for any event!

Popular Photo Booth Packages

                                                                                                                                                                      From only $795.00

Popular Enhancements

  • Unlimited Printing

    • We'll make additional copies of any print your guests ask for

  • Live-View HD Slideshow

    • As we take photos of your guests and of your event,

they'll be displayed as part of a constantly updating slideshow

on HD TV Screens that we provide!

  • Customized Prop Packages

    • Want the props to match your sweet sixteen's colors or theme?

We can do that!

  • Costumed Characters

    • We can provide characters to make the photo-taking

even more fun and exciting!

  • Memory Book

    • We'll deliver your prints in a beautiful scrap book at the

end of your event!

  • Edited Montage Slide Show

    • We'll create a beautiful montage from the photos

we take at your sweet sixteen and place it in your private web

gallery so that you and your guests can share it and

download it! 

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The World's Most Versatile Open Air Photo Booth

For clients seeking an open–air photo booth for their event, 20fifteen Multimedia’s Live–Share Event Photography combines premium quality event photography with the instant gratification of an open air photo booth and the flexibility to create a unique experience at each and every event. We shoot. You view, share and print!


Professional Photographs by Professional Photographers

Our Live–Share Event Photography service re-imagines the open air photo booth by putting professional event photographers behind top of the line cameras and lenses in order to deliver stunning photographs with super high resolution. Unlike ordinary open air photo booth services that take their clients’ pictures with a web camera or an iPad, a professional event photographer can create unique and beautiful poses, make creative lighting choices, and bring out the best in their subjects. Today’s open air photo booth services provide nothing even close!


Professional Cameras & Lenses

Lots of open air photo booth companies claim to provide “DSLR like quality” with their open air photo booths but 20fifteen Multimedia delivers actual DSLR quality, and that’s because we’re using the most high-end DSLR cameras and lenses available; a feature you won’t find with ordinary open air photo booth services.


Full-Size 4X6" Prints

Say goodbye to the boring low-resolution photo strips of ordinary open air photo booth services! The on-site prints our clients make are full-sized, 4X6 photographs on high–gloss photo paper featuring custom borders that we custom design before every event using the event’s theme, colors, and our clients’ logos/monograms to create a unique and personalized touch. Full Size prints are just one of the many ways we have raised the quality bar in our open air photo booth service.


Props, Costumes, and Accessories

As with any great open air photo booth, prop packages are included with every booking and include lots of fun accessories like hats, glasses, boas, necklaces wigs, and much more! But that’s just the beginning! If you’re planning an event with a particular theme we can help create a custom prop and costume package to suit your exact needs. Time Periods, movie themes, sports, and color schemes are all greatly enhanced with a professional photo shoot of guests in–character so if you’re in the planning stages of the next great, themed event; give us a call and let us create a high quality, flexible, open air photo booth experience for you and your guests that perfectly matches your theme!


Mascot Photo Shoot

Another way we go beyond the ordinary open air photo booth experience is by allowing our clients to liven things up and encourage guest participation in their photo shoots by introducing mascots and costumed characters for guests to pose with! We can cover just about any theme imaginable, so contact us today to discuss your upcoming event and get ready to enjoy a unique open air photo booth experience like no other!


Live–View High Definition Photo Slideshow

Our Live View High Definition Photo Slideshow is another way we have reimagined the traditional open air photo booth experience. With our exclusive Live–View photo slide show, the photos we take will be displayed as part of a continuously updating photo slide show on a pair of High Definition TV’s that we provide. Turn the open air photo booth experience into photo–entertainment at your upcoming event with Live–View High Definition Photo Slideshow exclusively available from 20fifteen Multimedia.



Social Media & Email Sharing

One of the most important aspects of any open air photo booth is the ability for guests to show off their pictures. Our Live–Share Event Photography service allows guests to publish their favorite photos to their Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, and to share them with the world via email. With Live–Share Event Photography, this feature comes standard whether you opt for candid photography or a more traditional open air photo booth style setup.



On–Site Printed Photographs

Whether you opt for candid photos or for a more traditional open air photo booth set up, your guests can quickly and easily browse, select, and print their favorite photos from touch-screen kiosks and with the addition of our Memory Book upgrade, we will prepare a beautiful photo album with your printed photos that guests can sign and then we’ll deliver it to you at the end of the event!



Social Media Promotion

Our Live–Share Event Photography packages are a perfect solution for clients who want to engage guests with their social media networks! With an on-screen prompt, users will be asked to “like” your Facebook page after they share photos on their Facebook timeline and we can customize the default Facebook and Twitter captions of all the shared photos to your specifications. As with all of our great view, share, print features; this option is available whether you go with a more traditional open air photo booth setup, our candid event photography, or both!



Online Photo Gallery

All of our Live–Share Event Photography clients will receive complimentary online photo galleries of the images we’ve taken. In fact, as our client, you will receive two galleries – one gallery containing the photos as we took them at your event, with the custom photo border and another containing the high–resolution, edited images suitable for printing at sizes up to 40”x60”.


No open air photo booth service out there offers such attention and care in their post-event photo delivery. This feature is available exclusively with Live–Share Event Photography from 20fifteen Multimedia. Order digital copies, physical prints, and create specialty products like photo books, thank-you cards, canvas prints, and much more all from the comfort and convenience of home! Your products will be printed and prepared in the world’s leading photo printing facilities and shipped directly to your home or place of business.



Custom Made Photo Borders

Unlike ordinary open air photo booth services that have plain, boring, or (worse) no borders available, We take the time and care to create unique, artistic borders for our clients’ event photos. Having a border on your photos isn’t required, but most of our clients like having them on their pictures and so we offer full customization as part of our pre-event planning process. Ordinary open air photo booth services make you pick from a handful of stale or tacky borders (if they offer them at all). But here at 20fifteen Multimedia, we will use your event’s colors, theme, logo/monogram and a custom caption to turn your guests’ printed and shared photos into anything from personalized party favors to unique marketing material – it all depends on your event! Want to create your own template? No problem! Just ask us, and we'll be happy to send you a Photoshop template file to use.


Posed Photos, Candid Shots, or Both

Our Live–Share Event Photography service is super flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of just about any event! Whether you want a combination of posed photos in front of a back drop, “open air photo booth” style, candid photos, or a combination of both; Live–Share Event Photography from 20fifteen Multimedia makes it possible by reimagining today’s open air photo booth service and creating a flexible event photography service that can meet the needs of any event client. We can provide backdrops in a variety of colors & styles or we can use your event’s natural setting for a more unique and personalized feel. Looking for more of a “red carpet” style open air photo booth? We can create custom step-and-repeat backdrops for any event.


Interested in our open air photo booth for your event? Request a Quote!