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Contrary to what you might think, "20fifteen" is not a reference to the year. It came from a desire to have the name of the business relate in some not-so-obvious way to vision. Since so much of what we do here centers on creating visual imagery (photography, videography, creating and displaying visual content at our clients' events) and because we use all of that imagery to help our clients realize their "visions" for their events, we I wanted a name that, not only, spoke about vision but spoke about the best possible vision.


As you probably know, "perfect" human vision is 20/20 but did you know that there are people with 20/15 vision? There are, and their vision is said to be "better than perfect". So, 12 years ago when I was trying to decide what I would name my new business, I settled on the name 20fifteen (actually, back then it was written 20/15 but no one knew how they were supposed to say it so I changed it). So, if you've been wondering, "what's up with our name?" Now you know!





As a DJ, VJ, Video DJ, Event Photographer, and Video Editor, I've always had the desire to be creative and share my creativity with others in an entertaining way. I thrive on variety and challenge and would hate to be doing the same thing in the same place day after day and so my company is really a reflection of my personality. It's creative, varied, and entertaining!


I started 20fifteen Multimedia in 2003 while I was still working a sales job in New York. I was ready to make a change, and had always imagined that I would, one day, own and operate my own business. The timing felt right, and so I began building. My plan was to create a DJ company that integrated photography and video as part of an event's entertainment – not only as a way to document it.


I began learning how to edit video and use VJ programs to play back video clips and still pictures as I was DJing. I learned how to create motion graphics and refined my photography skills, learned how to shoot video and compiled the largest collection of music videos you've ever seen (60,000 and counting!)


Pretty soon, the vision became a reality and today,  20fifteen Multimedia provides a suite of event entertainment and visual creative services unlike any other! From providing djs for weddings, to our mobile photo studio, and from running visuals at concerts to photographing parties, we do it all! If you're planning a gala event or a small party, we have the resources and talent to entertain and delight!


Besides our event services, we provide portraiture and other forms of studio photography. We have an incredible industrial space where we can help clients with any photo or video shoot they could need and we also do phototography and cinematography on-location. So if you have something you need photographed or filmed, you've come to the right place!


Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about me and my company. I hope you enjoy the website, and am looking forward to hearing from you!




Randy Esulto

Visual Magician & Creator

20fifteen Multimedia